Breguet Type 20

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Forget about your regular Speedmasters, Navitimers, and GMTs for a minute. We got what is without doubt the nicest pilot’s watch ever made: the Breguet Type XX!If you thought that Breguet only produced elegant dress watches, you’d be almost entirely right. If it weren’t for this rare bird. In the 1950s, the French Naval Air Force (Aéronautique Navale) commissioned four French watch companies to create a unique flyback chronograph for its fighter pilots. Breguet’s military and civilian versions are the most rare and most sought-after by collectors. It’s a good thing we found one in amazing condition and with the extract from the archives! Our Type XX is a first-generation civilian execution and its certificate of authenticity shows that it was sold to the Esso Standard company in February 1959. The watch sports a beautiful matte black dial with custard-colored tritium-lume on the numerals and hands. The case is in remarkably sharp condition with the original facets on the lugs still crisp. And, if you ever end up in a tense situation, the flyback mechanism allows you to reset the chronograph without having to stop it first!





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