Cartier Baignoire 1955


Baignoire is French for bathtub. A study by the New York Post claims there is a correlation between success and the amount of baths one takes. It turns out highly succesful people take multiple baths a day. Hence, wearing a bathtub-shaped watch is a guarantee for a succesful wristgame.  
Louis Cartier, obsessed with design, has always been thriving in the genre of creating revolutionary and influential styles. Cartier, founded in 1847 in Paris, started making watches in the beginning of the 20th century. The House of Cartier pioneered in uniquely-shaped watches. In 1913, the brand created an oval watch and this model became the inspiration for the Cartier Baignoire. Finally, the Baignoire was introduced in the late ’50s.
The 18k white-gold version we can present you has the reference 1955 and dates back to the ’90s. Its case measures 23 x 31 and houses a quartz movement. By all means, we prefer mechanical watches. Nevertheless, when it comes to Cartier, it’s about the fine art of its case designs rather than what’s inside the cases. What we really like is the elegantly-shaped crown, also known as Cabochon. The watch comes on a blue, alligator-leather strap with an 18k white-gold Ardillon buckle.

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