Cartier Tank Cintrée '9 lignes'

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The illustrious Tank Cintrée in the largest size.

This design was conceived over 100 years ago, in 1921 to be precise; 2 years after the launch of the "regular" Tank. Why did Cartier introduce this elongated and more bold version? Well, quite possibly to capture the male market that was more into pocketwatches at the time. The available wristwatches for men were either altered pocket watches or had a more rudimentary design focused on the practical side of things. The curved shape of the Tank Cintrée "hugged" the wrist and provided a very comfortable feeling. Therefore one can argue this has been a pivotal moment that embodies Cartiers DNA; looking beyond mechanics but also take into account the wearability and perhaps even prioritising the looks over the functioning.

So let us take a look at, arguably the least important part, the movement first. Yet, in order to make this challenging case shape succeed; Cartier needed a rather thin movement. This was provided by Jaeger and came in 3 sizes. Either 7, 8 or 9 Lignes. ("Ligne" is a measurement unit for movements). The largest and most coveted and collected iteration being the one we have here.

The 18K yellow gold case the movement is housed in, measures 46,5mm (including the lugs) by 23mm; astoundingly large for the time being. The case retains its alluring shape and variety of finishes and all hallmarks are crisp. The bottom of the lugs, the inside of the case and and in- and outside of the caseback have numbers stamped in it, and so does the caseback and the original clasp that is still provided with the watch. Adding to the charm, one can find an elegant engraving gracing the caseback: "P.S." Most likely the initials of the previous owner but if you can come up with a better story we are open to creativity.

It is a true oddity to present this vintage Cartier with a case this well-preserved, but finding one with an unrestored dial is otherworldly. Enough superlatives, but it is just hard to hide our enthusiasm with this museum piece. The original lacquer discolored here and there and has a small blemish at the "railroad track" around the 56 second mark. The dial is signed "Paris" at the 6 o'clock position and the knicked serifs of the Roman 1 and 7 are proudly displayed as all the numerals are in great shape.

It doesn't come as a surprise the original glass is still mounted and the blued hands are as charming as ever, matching the colour of the faceted Sapphire in the 8-sided crown, a feature found on Cartiers made in the 60's and 70's. We requested the help of the one and only Auto Montenari -aka Goloberger- to date it exactly as he has all the info on this model he is collecting since decades. This Cartier was born in 1969.

The alligator strap too is an original Cartier specimen and given the font and production it dates back at least 3 decades, indicating it hasn't been worn for quite a while; which explains the condition of the watch and confirms the story of the seller. We have added a picture on a more contemporary gold bracelet, just to show this option; which is not included. Lastly, to complete the picture, it comes with its original box.

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