Cartier Tonneau Bamboo

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Divisive designs is something that Cartier excels in and this is definitely no exception.

A Cartier that was made for one year only and blends 2 iconic models. Yes it is indeed a Tonneau shaped watch and this eponymous model comes in many different variations. One of them sports a certain decoration that changes the entire look; they applied this "Bamboo-effect" on the classic Tank prior to this short-lived experience. How can something be ostentatious and elegant at the same time. As if this Cartier took steroid and went to the gym.

The fact that it was only produced for one year kind of gives away the lacking popularity of it. Hence this watch being sold 2 years after production ended. Now making it extremely rare and interesting as it is developing to become a cult-classic. A Tonneau Bamboo last hit auction a decade and a half ago and was displayed alongside the Crash; a forecast of what is to come perhaps?

The watch is delivered with its original 18K yellow-gold fold-over clasp and Cartier strap. Furthermore supplied with the original box and papers. Most importantly it has been preserved in appealing condition with original Paris signed dial. The Quartz movement has just been serviced and is happy to be of service for the upcoming years.



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