Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox 855

Yeah baby! Exceptionally cool alarm watch from 1969 with its original bracelet made by Gay Freres. Rarely do we come across a piece that is this well preserved. All original and ready to find a new owner!

Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox

Everybody hates their alarmclocks in the morning but luckily, since 1950, there is one alarm that isn’t meant to rob you from your necessary sleep. The Memovox of Jaeger-LeCoultre uses a fine striking mechanism to, for example, remind you about an appointment.  The name Memovox means “the voice of memory” and this voice is a pleasant sound to the schedule of daily life. At that time it was a manual winding watch, five years later in 1955, they made an automatic version of the Memovox; which resulted in the first automatic alarm watch ever built!

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