Omega Speedmaster 145.012-67 ‘Pre-Moon, DoN Bezel’


We’re very happy to bring you the famous Omega Speedmaster ‘Pre-Moon’. Of course you guys are familiar with the whole ‘first watch worn on the moon’ story by now. So, we’re not going to bore you with that bull*** anymore. 

This beauty dates back to 1968 and is powered by the well-known caliber 321. The watch has the iconic, asymmetrical case, which measures 42 mm. Furthermore, it has the twisted lugs that were designed by the one and only Gerald Genta. Between the twisted lugs are the original 516-stamped end links with a 1039-stamped flat link bracelet dating back to the third quarter of 1968. This Speedmaster has a DoN – which stands for Dot over Ninety – bezel. In case you didn’t know, it refers to the dot being displayed above the 90 on the tachymetric scale of the bezel. The watch comes with the Extract of the Archives.

Fun fact: It was purchased in 1968 in the Netherlands.

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