Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/13J ‘Diamond-Set Bezel’


This watch is the holy grail of our colleague Ramon.

In order to survive, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus. It was a reaction to the massive decline in sales due to the introduction of quartz watches from Japan. Audemars Piguet released the Royal Oak in 1972 creating a new breed of watches: luxury sports watches. Patek Philippe turned to the same man, Gerald Genta, who had designed the Royal Oak to create a similar piece. Instead of a copycat, it turned out really well. So good that the Nautilus is more popular than the Royal Oak nowadays.

Before the Royal Oak and Nautilus, the luxury watch market could be divided into two categories: dress watches (made from gold) and sports watches (made from steel). The Nautilus was Patek Philippe’s venture into a new species of watches. Namely, a combination of both. Initially, it was launched in steel. However, as it quickly gained popularity, versions in gold, two-tone and platinum were introduced. The example we have on offer is executed in 18k yellow gold and the bezel and the index of the dial are decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds. Whereas, the steel variant is perfect to wear on a daily basis, the one we have is more likely to accompany your wrist while popping bottles of champagne on your yacht. The gold and diamonds add so much flair and suave to an already amazing watch. Needless to say, this important timepiece is in mint condition, showing the perfect edges and angles of this mesmerising design. Furthermore, it comes with a Patek Philippe box and the Extract of the Archives, which dates the watch back to 1981.

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