Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800/1A

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While the whole world is looking for a steel 5711, Amsterdam Vintage Watches has something nicer on offer. And... at a friendlier price. We're referring to the steel 3800 we have in stock right now. A true marvelous work of art! The reference 3800 is the first evolution of Gerald Genta’s iconic 3700. It was introduced in 1981 as the smaller version (the perfect case size of 37.5 mm) of its 42 mm-measuring big brother. Our example comes from 1999. The Nautilus was marketed as a ‘luxury sport watch’ and is well-known for its porthole-looking case design and integrated bracelet. Patek Philippe did not only adjust the case size, but also the mechanics. The 3800 was the first Patek Philippe Nautilus with an in-house, automatic watch movement: the caliber 335 SC, in which SC stands for seconde centrale. The piece we can offer you comes as a full set.


Patek Philippe NautilusPatek Philippe has always been a watch brand for the lucky few as they are the creator of the most exclusive timepieces in the world. They made mechanical masterpieces to fit the exquisite gentleman or elegant lady, mainly out of precious metal. But after the success of the Royal Oak from Audemars Piguet, designed by the famous Gerald Genta, Patek had to go overboard and create a steel sports watch of their own.The Nautilus, named after a Submariner, first saw light in 1976 and it was being advertised as a watch that worked equally well with a wet suit as with a dinner suit. Being the most expensive steel sports watch when it was launched; it was interesting to see how it would pan out. Another great success was added to Mr. Genta and Patek Philippe’s history. Eversince they made a whole bunch of variations in different materials, dial colour and layouts. All having in common that the shape of the case looks like a porthole with protruding ‘ears’ on each side of the case and with an eight-sided, curved bezel. Another cool feature can be found on the dial as all of them are strongly characterized by horizontal embossed bars.


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