Rolex Datejust 1601 ‘Lapis Lazuli’

This week, we decided to come with a ‘Day-Date and Datejust only’-drop. Of course you expected that the killer piece would be a crazy Day-Date with a stone- or stella dial. However, since we always want to surprise you, we realized that this would be too regular for our dear customers. Therefore, we decided to pick a Datejust as cream of the crop piece. This is the most special and unique Datejust we have had so far and probably, the rarest one worldwide. 

A 1601 – yes, a Datejust with fluted bezel – dating back to 1977, carried out in 18k yellow gold. Underneath the plexi crystal, we find the breath-taking Lapis Lazuli stone dial. So, 90% of the price of stone dials are justified by first of all, the dial’s condition. Stone dials are quite fragile and therefore, most of them have cracks and rips. A flawless dial will raise the price greatly. A second important factor for the price is the composition. Lapis Lazuli contains Pyrite, which you can recognize by the golden sparkles in the blue dial. The Pyrite sparkles should be spread evenly over the dial. The better they are spread, the more valuable the watch is. You will see that the Pyrite of this piece’s dial is spread beautifully. The watch comes on an 18k yellow-gold riveted Oyster bracelet, which makes it so much more special.

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