Rolex Datejust 6305 ‘Tropical Gilt’

The Rolex Datejust doesn’t need an introduction. It’s one of the most iconic Rolex models, combining luxury and sportiness at an entry-level price. The Datejust can be worn by everybody at any occasion and therefore, we believe it’s the perfect watch.

You might be familiar with the reference 1601, 1603 and 1600. Probably, you also know the successors of these references, like the 16014 or 16030.  Finally, the 16234, 16220 and 16200 may have gotten your attention too. However, what do you know about the earlier references like the 6305? This reference was introduced in the mid ’50s, a little less than ten years after the introduction of the first reference 4467. This reference came in steel and very important to know is that it is the first reference with the fluted bezel as we know it nowadays. The piece we have, however, is a stranger in our midst as it is from gold and steel (the bezel and case respectively). Furthermore, it has an engine-turned bezel, which is something we don’t see that often. The dial is black but in the right light, it shows tropical patina. This Ovettone has a gilt dial and we think it’s very cool that the model name Datejust on the dial is displayed in red font. Actually, this is the only Datejust with black dial that came with Datejust printed in red. The yellow-gold leaf hands and yellow-gold edges of the date aperture are very cool details. 

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