Rolex Day-Date 1803

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Holy smoke. The combination of the 18k golden case of this 1969 Day-Date 1803 with the grey dial truly rocks! We gave this watch a sportier look by putting on an army green textile strap. Maybe you love it or hate it, it's different and that makes our clock tick. The beautiful applied baton markers give the dial a sophisticated look. The Spanish Day disc is original to the watch, so we kept it like that. 'Viernes' stands for Friday by the way. We like to hear if this Day-Date makes you tick. As you probably know we have quite a few Day-Dates in stock. So come check them out.


Rolex Day-DateThe very essence of luxurious time-keeping, provided with a day and date function. It was launched in 1956 as a niche model and was only produced in precious metals, the retail price was way costlier than previous models. However, due to its popularity among a lot of prestigious people (for example a lot of Presidents, hence its nickname/ bracelet name), it became Rolex’ flagship model.Over the years this model enjoyed associations with various ‘kinds of people’, from celebrities to Mafiosi (like Tony Soprano). They had all one thing in common: being successful in their area of expertise. To this day the Day-date is still synonymous with prestige and style. With exception of the most modern models the Day-Date comes in at 36mm. Do you earn this watch?REF. 18xxThe very first Day-Date references (65xx & 66xx) were replaced by the 18xx series in 1959 and a new era for the Day-Date begins. They 1530 cal. Improved to cal. 1555 or late cal. 1556. The dial colour and configuration varies. Characteristic for this era of production is the so-called ‘Pie-Pan’ dial where the dial looks like an upside-down pie-pan. (a concentric ring that slopes down from the flat centre). The series references do not indicate the material but  the type of bezel or bezel/ case decoration:REF.1802, Domed bezel REF.1803, ‘Fluted’ bezel REF.1804, Bezel (and dial) set with diamonds REF.1806, 'Florentine finish' bezel and case REF.1807, 'Bark' bezel REF.1811, Engraved “Moire” bezel


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