Rolex Day-Date 1803/9 'Confetti dial'

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It might look like a matte black dial at first sight; but look closer. This so-called “Confetti dial” actually displays a compilation of color speckles: red, white and blue.

As you might know Day-Dates are our all-time favorite watches. Not only because every single Day-Date will give you an amazing value for your money and will bring you a form of joy that even most €500k watches won’t bring you but most importantly because of the wide variety of dials that Rolex produced in this model-line over the years.

The ‘Confetti’ effect can be found on a small batch of matte 1803 dials in the early ‘70s and was produced in a black and brown variant. It gives the watch exactly what people are looking for in vintage Day-Dates, the small details that distinguish the watch from all the other ones, the little extra.

The 18k white gold case housing the dial gives a beautiful contrast and is a huge pro compared to a yellow gold version in our opinion. The white gold won’t distract you from the dial and creates the focus that will show you the mesmerizing ‘confetti’ details, especially in broad daylight.



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