Rolex Day-Date 18049


We think that the white-gold Day-Date was made for those who wanted a Rolex made from precious metal but didn’t like the blatant look of a yellow-gold Day-Date. However, the first owner of this Day-Date contradicts this theory and probably didn’t give a f*ck about flashiness. In 1984, he ordered himself an 18049 meaning it has a factory-set diamond bezel.

Furthermore, the index are brilliant-cut diamonds – the type of cut we prefer – and baguettes on the quarters. But cream of the crop is the unique colour of the dial, which is a brown/grey colour that we have never seen before. The 180XX-series have a single-quickset function (caliber 3055) so the date and time can be adjusted separately. The bezel, case, which measures 36 mm, and the President bracelet, with concealed clasp, are from 18k white gold and are in very good condition. The watch has been serviced by Rolex and comes with the papers from this revision.

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