Rolex Day-Date 18239 'Bloodstone'

Museum Piece
A Rolex with deep green dial, red spots and white print.

A Rolex with deep green dial, red spots and white print.

Your heart might have skipped a beat when you've read the above mentioned combination. In case it didn't, this 18239 is simply not for you. Don't get us wrong, we understand you probably like the aesthetics and a top condition Day-Date is indeed a watch anybody could and should enjoy. But the rarity (and the associated value) of this dial is perhaps incomprehensible to the average horological enthusiast.

Throughout the years, Rolex offered a variety of special and extraordinary dial options; especially on their flagship model: the Day-Date. One segment consisted of dials made out of natural materials: stones and nacre. It was not a common thing for somebody to go for one of the most expensive models and subsequently even upgrade it with an unusual face, making such a configuration a rarity of its own. Within the different varieties, there are less rare and ultra rare possibilities. The watch we have today undoubtedly belongs to the latter.

The green quartz variety with an opaque appearance is referred to as Jasper. There are subcategories of this appealing mineral and the most coveted one has to be the Heliotrope, often called "Bloodstone" due to the red speckles caused by Hematite inclusions. The result is a unique and inspiring canvas of complementary colors. There is one more color on this watch that is very significant: white. The print, coronet, hands and day & date aperture are all in white, meaning it has been made for a white metal Day-Date; in this case 18K white gold. Stone dials are exceedingly rarer for white gold than they are for the yellow gold models.

This "T Swiss T" stone dial is free of any cracks or hairlines. Under a microscope one can find very small superficial scratches on the dial that are invisible for the naked eye and have no effect on the durability. The fluted bezel remains sharp and the case displays a strong shape. The bracelet too is preserved in the utmost condition.