Rolex Explorer 1016 ‘Space-Dweller’

We thought we were high when we ran across this watch, but our minds thankfully did not deceive us! This Space-Dweller is one of the rarest Rolex references out there and is in amazing condition. The Space-Dweller was made especially for the Japanese market to commemorate a visit by NASA’s Project Mercury astronauts in 1963. The Space-Dweller is essentially identical to any other gilt ref. 1016 Explorer, but instead of the Explorer name the dial is stamped Space-Dweller.

This ultra-rare watch features a beautiful galvanic glossy black gilt dial with mustard-colored painted tritium indexes and 3-6-9 numerals that match the tritium paint of the Mercedes hands. The watch comes on an original riveted oyster bracelet with Rolex-signed foldover clasp.

If you longingly look back to the heydays of space travel and watchmaking, this Rolex Space-Dweller will take you to astronomical heights!

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