Rolex Day-Date 18239 ‘Jasper Dial’ Full Set

Even we, as self-proclaimed stone-dial expert, have never seen a Jasper dial in a white gold Day-Date!

We are lucky enough to trade Day-Dates on a weekly basis, all of them luxurious and stylish, but some truly raise your heartbeat. This is especially the case when it comes down to stone dials. The owner of AVW has a degree in gemmology and has been fascinated by stones for quite a while. His name is Jasper, which is exactly the name of the stone used in this superlative Rolex.

Now, a ‘Jasper dial’, also referred to as ‘Bloodstone’, by itself is already a rare variant of the sought-after stone dials, yet we already managed to buy and sell 3 examples in yellow gold. But to find one in white gold was long believed to be impossible. Previously, only one other example was known and published in Pucci Papaleo’s book about the Rolex Day-Date. As of today we can add this 18239 to the very short list of white-gold Rolex watches with stone dials. As opposed to the usual yellow-gold variants, the lesser known white-gold ones feature white text, white-gold hour markers and a white-gold day- and date aperture.

The watch has been preserved in magnificent condition, being polished just once since it first saw light 25 years ago. Retaining the sharp edges on the fluted bezel and thick lugs. Most importantly, the deep-green dial is spotless and doesn’t feature a single hairline, crack, mark or whatsoever. Furthermore, it comes as a full set with not only the box and papers, but also the hang tags and booklets. This will most probably be you’re only chance to get your hands on a 18239 with a ‘Bloodstone dial’.

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