Rolex Daytona 16520 “Zenith”

It’s everydaytona!

There are chronograph watches and then, there is the highly valuable Daytona. 1988, the introduction of the second-generation Daytonas; the Zenith Daytona starting with reference 16520. This Daytona, dating back to 1998, is a very handsome specimen as it is in absolute mint condition. It still has the original green Rolex sticker on the caseback, the bracelet has no stretch and the watch has barely been polished. This can easily be seen when you take a closer look at the bezel as the numbers of the tachymetric scale are still clearly visible. The Zenith Daytonas are larger (40mm) than their predecessors and have a black-lacquered, glossy dial as opposed to the matte or metallic dial. The crown guards and sapphire crystal make it a very robust watch. The watch is powered by the famous El Primero-based Zenith caliber 4030, which was Rolex’s first self-winding chronograph movement. 

A very special watch popular amongst collectors worldwide.

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