Rolex Explorer 1016 'Gilt type 6'

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The Explorer is the most understated of Rolex’ legendary toolwatches. This Gilt-dialed 1016 is a collector’s dream.

The ref. 1016 Explorer was introduced in 1959 and was produced for an impressive 30 years, making it one of rolex’ longest-running references. This 1016 is an early execution, dating back to 1967. The watch features the classic 3-6-9 Explorer dial configuration, with thick painted tritium markers that have turned a pleasing custardy color. The dial is an exceptional glossy execution, referred to as a ‘type 6’ dial, the last batch of the beloved Gilt-dials. These dials were created by a galvanic coating process, in which the dial plates were first stamped with a clear coating to define the text, after a black substance was applied using a chemical binding process. The resulting glossy black finish and gilt details infuse this otherwise reserved toolwatch with a radiant glow. Most of the times the surface isn't perfect anymore and shows blemishes or loss of lustre. Very rarely does one come across an absolutely perfect example like this,

The watch is in amazing condition, with a thick and sharp 36 mm stainless steel case. The watch comes on its original riveted Oyster bracelet.



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