Rolex Explorer 1016

Lovely Explorer from the late 60s. A one-owner watch, still strapped to its original folded Jubilee. The matte dial has aged in an appealing matter, tritium turning evenly yellow. This might be your last chance to grab a 1016 under €10k!

Rolex Explorer I

One of the very first models built to meet the demands of a certain professional. For example Sir John Hunt who ascended the Mount Everest in 1953. This was the first rugged expedition it was issued for but definitely not the only one. No wonder Rolex states it has been “Designed to conquer the world”.

Over the years the Explorer I has been made in various executions and there is one thing that a lot (definitely not all; like some early pieces) have in common, the so-called 3-6-9/ Explorer dial.

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