Rolex Explorer II 1655 'Freccione MK5'

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All first versions of Rolex tool watches fetch a high price. Remarkable that this first Explorer 2 is so affordable compared to the first Sub (€150K+), first GMT (€100K+), first Milgauss (€200k+) etc. Is the 1655 a sleeper?

This time we have a prime example. one of the better Explorers we have ever offered to the public. The reference 1655 is, as you might know, better known as the ‘Freccione’ which is Italian for ‘Big Arrow'.

This 1655 dates back to the year 1983 and comes with a beautiful, clear MK 5 dial and very bright orange hand. The case remained in immaculate condition as its lugs are still very thick and sharp. Thanks to its steel bezel which features engraved, lacquered numerals the Explorer II looks a bit smaller on the wrist compared to its similar sized brothers, the Submariner, Sea-Dweller and GMT. This makes it a perfect watch for daily wear as it is, proven by ‘The King of Cool’ himself, easier to combine with a more classy style as well.


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