Rolex GMT-Master 16700

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The ref. 16700 is the perfect neo-vintage GMT.The ref. 16700 was introduced in 1988 and was the first GMT to feature both a glossy black dial with applied white gold hour markers and a sapphire crystal. This specimen dates back to 1999 and comes with a rare ‘Swiss Only’ dial. In that very year, Rolex switched from the radioactive tritium luminous compound to the non-radioactive photoluminescent Luminova. This material, however, was only used for one year as Rolex began using Super Luminova in 2000 (which can be identified by ‘Swiss Made’ dials).The watch comes with a wonderful unpolished 40 mm case, with the original bevels proudly present. The matching brushed stainless steel Oyster bracelet is in amazing condition as well and displays minimal stretch. The iconic ‘Pepsi’ bezel has evenly faded to a beautiful electric blue and light red, almost dusty pink, hue. The watch runs on the improved caliber 3175 automatic movement, that allows for quickset adjustment of the date disc.


Rolex GMT-MasterFasten your seatbelts for the story of the inimitable Rolex GMT-Master! As civil aviation took off after World War II, airlines began to fly over longer distances. As a result, pilots required accurate watches that could display multiple time zones simultaneously. In the early 1950s, Pan American Airways (Pan-Am) requested Rolex to develop a watch for this very purpose. The GMT-Master (‘GMT’ standing for ‘Greenwich Mean Time’) was introduced in 1954. It featured a 24-hour hand alongside the regular 12-hour hand. In combination with a bidirectional 24-hour bezel, this GMT hand could be used to read the home time zone while the 12-hour hand displayed the ‘local’ time.Despite its close links to aviation and its professional purpose, the Rolex GMT enjoys a fanbase far beyond the pilots it was originally intended for. Over the years Rolex has introduced many wonderful variations of the GMT: take your pick!


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