Rolex GMT-Master 16710

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The GMT-Master II is not the successor of the GMT-Master. Instead, it's exactly the same watch with a different function and therefore another movement. The GMT-Master II got introduced in 1983. In 1989, Rolex introduced the reference 16710. It has a quickset hour hand, which entails that the hours can be adjusted without stopping the second-, minute- and 24-hour hand. Accordingly, you can - in combination with the rotable bezel - read the time in an extra time zone. Moreover, because of the quickset hour hand, it has a quickset date function. You only got to rotate the hour hand past midnight. The only optical differences are the slightly thicker case (thanks to the movement) and 'GMT-Master II' displayed on the dial. The example that we, at Amsterdam Vintage Watches, have on offer is a 'Coke' (red and black bezel inlay) and dates back to 2000.  The case and bezel have pretty sharp edges. The matching, stainless steel Jubilee bracelet is in good condition too. The watch comes as a full set. 


Rolex GMT-MasterFasten your seatbelts for the story of the Rolex GMT-Master. Aviation company Pan-Am requested Rolex to create a wristwatch that would display multiple time-zones simultaneously as their flights got longer and they had to cross multiple time zones. Rolex came up with the GMT-Master (‘GMT’ stands for ‘Greenwich Mean Time’) in 1954. The watch features a date-function and an extra hour hand (with triangle) that points out the second time zone on the bi-directional turning, 24-hour bezel.Still linked to aviation and although meant for professional use, it enjoys a much wider fan base ever since it first saw light. Over the years it underwent some changes and there are so many wonderful variations of this all-time Rolex classic. Some GMT’s are great as a single purchase, others are a wonderful addition to any collection and some of them can be considered as the crowning glory.  


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