Rolex Submariner 16610LV ‘Kermit Flat Four’ Full Set


2003, 50 years after the introduction of the first Submariner, Rolex introduced the reference 16610LV.

Better known as ‘The Kermit’. Initially, there was some resistance among aficionados but it gained popularity quickly. It attracted a certain audience and, especially, when the model got discontinued in 2010 making it one of the most desired modern Submariners. Besides the obvious change of the bezel colour, the 16610LV was also the first Submariner with the new maxi dial. In 2010, the Kermit was replaced by the reference 116610LV also known as ‘The Hulk’. As is typical for Rolex, the brand has made many small adjustments to the 116610 LV during these 7 production years. The most well-known being the flat four bezel, which indicates that the number ‘4’ on the bezel has a flat top. Only the Y- and F-serials (2003, 2004 respectively) have this feature. The piece we have for offer dates back to 2004 and has an F-serial. Besides that, the inlay of the bezel has a slightly lighter, olive green colour, which is called a B1 inlay (first series of green inlays) and nicknamed a Bertolli. The watch is powered by caliber 3135 and comes with the inner and outer box, the original papers, booklets and tags.

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