Rolex Submariner 1680

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The 1680 was introduced at the end of the '60s. It was the first submariner with a date function displayed at the 3-hour position. You might think right now: “Why would Rolex put a datefunction on a diving watch?” Well, because it rapidly became more than just a diving watch. During the sixties, the Submariner was so popular amongst everyone that Rolex adjusted the model based on the demands for everyday use. Nowadays, this watch is such a classic and therefore, it has been on the wirsts of many cult figures. This stainless steel specimen is very handsome as the tritium plots have aged so beautifully into a creamy colour. Moreover, the bezel is still in great condition and has barely lost its colour. The watch has the nice case size of 40 mm, which is the perfect size for a sportive, yet formal watch. It comes on an Oyster bracelet that is in great condition too. This is a rather late example dating back to 1978, one year prior too discontinuing this reference.


Rolex SubmarinerVisionary Hans Wildorf set out to make the world’s first waterproof and dust proof wristwatch and so in 1926 the ‘Oyster case’ was created. Then later on in 1953, the Rolex Submariner was born, with a water depth rating of 330ft/100M making it one of the world’s first wristwatches designed for the upcoming sport of scuba diving. The wristwatch was created for divers who needed a precise watch which could scale to such depths and be a reliable and accurate way of measuring (with the turning bezel) the time spent underwater. A major aspect of creating such a time piece was to make it easily legible yet aesthetically pleasing, hence the large contrasting white tritium hour markers and Mercedes hand on the black dial. The rugged look was adopted by no other than himself Mr Bond. (Sean Connory as Bond wore it in 1962’s ‘Dr. No’. The watch was also featured in the later ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Thunderball’ movie.) A legend was born and overtime it proved to be arguably one of the best, most desirable and iconic luxury watches of all time.Reference 1680The Submariner 1680 was produced between 1967 until 1979. It was the first Submariner with the date function. This reference has a calibre 1575 based on the calibre 1530. In the first 7 years of production the 1680 was printed with Submariner on the dial in red instead of white, the 'Red Sub'. The early models are extra desirable and feature a 'Meters First Dial', which refers to the 200 metres depth rating being displayed before the 600 feet depth rating. 


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