Rolex Submariner 5512 ‘Neat Font Meters First’


“Superlative Chronometer”, “Officially Certified”, two lines of text that verified that the Submariner 5512 was provided with a COSC certification in contrast to its brother carrying reference 5513. This time we’re bringing you the ‘Neat Font’ matte, meters-first 5512.

The 5512 was about $60,- more expensive than the not COSC certified 5513. Due to the fact that this was a hell of a difference back in the days, the 5512 is highly sought-after nowadays.

The watch’s case is made out of stainless steel and has a size of 40 millimeter. For those who haven’t noticed yet, this piece is carrying reference 5512 and runs on Rolex’ certified movement 1530. The watch comes with the correct ‘7206’ stamped Oyster bracelet.

What makes the ‘Neat Fonts’ even rarer is the fact that the depth rating, ‘Submariner’ and the chronometer certification where printed simultaneously where the other 5512 and 5513 dials where only printed with the depth rating and Submariner text in the first instance. Later on they printed it with the SCOC text depending on the fact whether it was a 5512 or 5513.

Further on, the 5512 ‘Neat Font’ dials are characterized by the domed tritium index that is still luminous up to the present day. Unfortunately the watch has a replaced hand-set but it is 100% period and reference correct so it won’t spoil the fun.


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