Rolex Submariner 5513 'Gilt Bart Simpson'

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Bart Simpson shaped coronet on this Gilt 5513 with intriguing patina.

The 5513 was introduced in the early '60s. Gilt, glossy 'Meters First Dials' were used until '66/'67. Gilt refers to the printing on the dial, which appears to be gold. ‘Meters First’ refers to the meters (200m) depth rating being displayed before the feet (660ft) depth rating on the dial. The third feat that is characteristic of this late Gilt dial is the coronet. The shape is reminiscent of Bart Simpson his head and therefore caries this moniker. Some other details we can find on the 'Bart Simpson' dials are the close spacing of 'Rolex' on the dial, the alignment of the horizontal crosses in the 'f' and 't' in 660 ft.

The surface of the dial developed quite some character over time, and displays an anthracite and slightly more matte finish. The tritium Zinc Sulphite in the hands and on the dial changed over time in a warm dark creamy color.

The case displays a strong condition, albeit being gently scuffed here and there, the lugs are remarkably thick and shows the original chamfers. The 6636 bracelet is stamped the same year and has many years left to be enjoyed, just like the movement. The bezel has faded from black to grey and matches very well to the colours of the dial.



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