Rolex Submariner 5513 Maxi MkII

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Rolex Submariner 5513When a regular Sub is not good enough for you, you should definitey take a look at this masterpiece! This stunning piece is from 1979 and with it's MK II Maxi Dial it looks absolutely brutal. The bezel is glossy black and a little bit scratchy and in combination with its very cool 'Maxi plots' it will definitely distinguish itself between all the mainstream Subs around. So be quick and come pick up this amazing piece before it's gone.


REF. 5513The 5513 is the longest-running Submariner reference, having been in production for a whopping 27 years (from 1962-1989). The rare pointed crown guards made their first appearance with this model and were later replaced by the rounded crown guards. The 5513 uses the calibre 1530 movement, which is not chronometer certified, and therefore has a dial that bears 2 lines of text (as opposed to the 4-line chronometer dials on the ref. 5512). Early executions of the 5513 featured the rare ‘meters first dial,’ because the depth rating in meters was printed before the rating in feet (“200m = 660ft). Around 1969, Rolex switched to printing the feet before the meters to satisfy the growing American customer base.



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