Rolex Submariner 'Maxi MK I'

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While we love all vintage Submariners, there is one truly iconic vintage Sub: the 5513. With its timeless tool watch aesthetics, robust design, and impressive 27-year production run, the 5513 is a bonafide Rolex legend.

This 5513 from 1978 sports a lovely matte black dial with the iconic painted tritium markers. The tritium has retained its original bright white color, perfectly matching the tritium in the 18k white gold hand set. Unlike later Submariners (or its sister references, the 5512 and 1680), the 5513 features only two lines of text at the top half and two lines of text at the lower half of the dial. This detail gives the 5513 a wonderful clean and understated look. Not too much, not too little: just perfect for a toolwatch.

Submariners produced in the years 1974-1984, like this one, feature what collectors refer to as ‘Maxi dials’. These dials are characterized by significantly larger lume plots and were produced in five variations. This particular watch features a ‘Mark I' ‘Maxi’ dial with beautiful eggshell colored tritium lume.

This 5513 sports a 40 mm stainless steel case that is in great condition, with thick lugs and an anodized aluminium bezel inlay that has retained its original black color. The accompanying stainless steel solid link Oyster bracelet is in good condition with plenty of years of life left.


In 1953, Rolex introduced one of the world’s first wrist watches geared specifically towards divers: the Submariner. Rolex had to confront a number of challenges when designing its first dive watch. The watch obviously had to withstand significant amounts of pressure and had to accurately measure time spent underwater, which the first Submariner achieved by featuring a 330ft/100m depth rating and a rotating diving bezel. It also had to be easily legible in conditions of reduced visibility yet aesthetically pleasing. Hence, the Sub’s iconic large white tritium hour markers and Mercedes hands set against a contrasting black dial. The Submariner is the most iconic and desirable luxury watch of all time and has been adopted by luminaries such as Jacques Cousteau, Che Guevara, and none other than James Bond. Our favorite Bond, Sean Connery, wore a big crown Sub in the 1962 classic ‘Dr. No’. The watch was also featured in ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Thunderball’.



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