Cartier Calandre ‘Factory-set Diamonds’

Next to diamonds, a Cartier watch is a girl’s best friend. So, the Cartier Calandre we have on offer, would be a girl’s best best friend.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty: the following text consists of what we, after having done our research, think is right. However, when it comes to Cartier, there is not much information available so it’s quite hard to distinguish between what’s true and what’s not. However, we believe in the following story. The Calandre is often, but mistakenly, referred to as the Cartier Cloche or Cartier Etrier. The Cloche is a different model from Cartier that shows similarities in design but definitely represents a different watch. The Cartier Etrier is the same watch but Etrier is not its official name. Etrier is French for stirrup and this makes sense as the case design of the Calandre looks like a stirrup. However, according to several, trustworthy sources the official name is Calandre so we stick to that. This beautiful example has an 18k yellow-gold case that has factory-set diamonds on top of it and a diamond dial. Moreover, the hour markers are from 18k yellow-gold and a cool feature is the applied Cartier logo below the 12-hour position. Instead of a leather strap, this lady watch has an elegant 18k yellow-gold Mesh bracelet with an 18k yellow-gold hidden folding clasp. This piece dates back to 1990 and has recently been serviced by Cartier.

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