Heuer Autavia 7763

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Heuer Autavia 7763 from the 1970 s with its original papers and kept in all original condition. The loyal Heuer fanbase made the vintage models rise in price and this effect will last for some more years. One of the most desired models is this one; especially in razor-sharp condition it is bound to sell quick. Important part of the history of timekeeping as well as the motorsport.


Heuer AutaviaThe Autavia started out as a dashboard clock back in the early 30s. In 1962, after Jack Heuers was named the new CEO, they turned this timing-devive into a wristwatch. Autavia stands forĀ  AUTomotive & AVIAtion and was the first Heuer chronograph with the model name on the dial. It was about to strengthen the position of Heuer in the sports chronograph market, especially after famous Swiss Racing driver Jo Siffert chose the Autavia as his loyal wrist companion. It was the first model were they introduced the rotating bezel, a very interesting feature that, over the years, came in many varieties. (for example: GMT bezel, Diver bezel, hour bezel etc.)



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