Jaeger LeCoultre ‘oversized’

A stranger in our midst among his smaller mid-century competitors. But thanks to the fact that exception makes watches nowadays, this is a piece that we can’t let pass by expanding our dress watch collection.

This ‘oversized’ but extremely elegant dress watch was made by Jeager-LeCoultre around the year 1948 and runs on calibre P478/C. A case size of 37 millimeter is very common these days but it certainly was not that common 70 years ago. Nonetheless, we’re very grateful for the fact that Jeager-LeCoultre was willing to take the risk by creating an oversized model that’s definitely able to distinguish itself among all the beautiful mid-century dress watches.

This delightful piece’s case is made out of stainless steel while most of the watches in those days were made out of precious metals. The watch has a silvered ‘Swiss’ dial which has turned a bit off-white over the years. On the dial we find a rose-gold hour track including Arabic quarters and 18k yellow gold ‘sword hands’. To create some subtle contrast with the light dial we’ve provided the watch with a ‘cognac brown’ leather ostrich strap. Despite the fact that there are some minor blemishes on the dial, the watch is in great overall condition and ready for its new owner.

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