Omega Seamaster 600 'Ploprof' 166.0077

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The nickname ‘Ploprof’ derives from the French words ‘Plongeur Professionnel’ meaning professional diver. After the success of the Seamaster 300, Omega (on request by Comex) wanted to make an even more reliable and waterproof wristwatch. This Seamaster 600 (waterproof to 600m) first saw light in 1970, 4 years after they started the production. The watch has been in production for 9 years and due to its high costs back in the days (twice the price of a Rolex Submariner) only top professional divers went for the Ploprof. Probably, Omega lost a lot of money in the process of developing this watch but they also used this watch to advertise their mechanical abilities. Two features in particular are quite innovative. Firstly, the locking mechanism on the winding crown and secondly the bezel that can only be turned when the distinctive big-red button is pressed.Omega re-issued the Ploprof in 2009 because the rugged and typical 70s look and rich history gave this diver a real cult-status. Given the scarcity, one can easily understand the vintage Ploprofs are highly sought-after. The one we are offering is a very early piece as it dates back to 1971. The case has U-shaped crown guards and the original red button on the right side. This watch has a, so called, B2 bezel, which is recognizable by its no serif, flat-top font. Furthermore, the watch has a D4 dial in great condition with matching blunt hour hands. The combination of this bezel and dial is, in contrast to what many may think, perfectly possible and the watch was exactly delivered like this. A fun fact: we bought it from the first owner, who was a professional diver, and the watch comes with all its servicepapers.The best companion any diver or watch collector could wish for.


Omega SeamasterLaunched during the 100th year anniversary of the brand in 1948, the Omega Seamaster is the oldest Omega line in the current collection. It was intended as a durable yet elegant watch for active individuals who wanted a versatile wristwatch and was based on the waterproof wristwatches made for the British military at the end of World War II. Besides the more sturdy professional models, the Seamaster-line also covers some elegant dress watches. In over half a century they created a broad spectrum of Seamaster watches that all have precision and high quality finish in common.


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