Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 ‘Unpolished, Pre-Moon, DoN Bezel’

It was a beautiful day in April when an elegant lady walked into our store. Sadly, she told us that her husband had passed away. Among other things, he had left behind an old watch that he had worn for many years and she was looking to sell it to pay for a dream vacation with her son. Much to our surprise, the watch was a beautiful, unpolished ‘Pre-Moon’ Speedmaster from 1969. She had gotten a few disappointing offers and wasn’t expecting much better from us. Gladly, we were able to help her to make that dream trip come true! 

This watch too is on a journey to find a new and loving home. This beauty dates back to 1969 and is powered by the caliber 861. The watch has the iconic, asymmetrical case, which measures 42 mm. Furthermore, it has the twisted lugs that were designed by the one and only Gerald Genta. Between the twisted lugs are the 516-stamped end links with a 1039-stamped flat link bracelet dating back to the second quarter of 1970. So, slightly newer than the case. Usually, we don’t say this but with this watch we dare to say that it’s unpolished. This Speedmaster has a DoN – which stands for Dot over Ninety – bezel. In case you didn’t know, it refers to the dot being displayed above the 90 on the tachymetric scale of the bezel.


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