Rolex Date 1510 'Zephyr'

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If you are into gold Rolex watches with spectacular finishes and rare bracelets, for a fraction of the price compared to a 36mm one; look no further!

This 1510 is an exceedingly rare reference that has been produced during the 60's and 70's but only in very small quantities. Characteristic of this Date model is the finish on the bezel, similar to "Morellis" but more randomly dappled and with smooth bars on the hour markers. And how about the combination with this textured and uncommon bracelet. It is always easier to determine the condition on such examples, just examine the perfect surface and you can quickly jump to the conclusion that this watch has been very well taken care of over the past 6 decades.

The dial is exemplary too. These so-called "Zephyr's" have no lume on the dial, nor on the hands. Another feature is the cross-hair that elegantly divides the dial in 4 quarters. Lastly, the elongated minute markers that give a very cool geometric feel.

A similar example (with the exact same configuration) reached €15000 during a 2019 Phillips auction but other than that they do not come on the market very often.


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