Rolex Datejust 6305-2 'Tropical'

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This early Datejust is one of the most beautiful examples we’ve ever seen of this historically important model.

The Datejust was introduced in 1945 to celebrate Rolex’ 40th anniversary (hence the Jubilee moniker for the bracelet that was introduced at the same time). For the first few years, the Datejust was still a niche and dressy looking model that was only available in 18K gold or two-tone executions. Moreover, the watch did not even feature the magnifying cyclops over the date window yet.

The introduction of the ref. 6305 Datejust in 1954 was a game changer. By finally offering an all-white metal option the stage was set for the Datejust to become the iconic every-occasion watch we know today.

This specimen from 1955 is one the nicest we’ve ever had the pleasure of handling. The 36 mm stainless steel case features the early rounded caseback, which led collectors to name it ‘Ovettone’, which means big egg in Italian. Other quintessential features of this early execution is the charming engine-turned stainless bezel and the lack of lug holes.

The central attraction of this watch is the magnificent ‘tropical’ that has turned to a pleasing ochre color over time. The dial features a bunch of other desirable traits as well, such as the uncommon red Datejust text and the triangle shaped markers with creamy radium lume filling. As is typical for this time period, the date disc is executed in roulette style with alternating red and blue numerals set against a white background.

This historically important ref. 6305 is in excellent condition and comes on a slightly later stainless steel Jubilee bracelet.


Rolex DatejustIn 1945 Rolex created the flagship Datejust to mark the company’s 40th anniversary. This model was the world’s first self-winding wristwatch with a date indication. With the Datejust, Rolex also introduced the iconic 5-piece jubilee bracelet, first in solid gold and later in bicolor and stainless steel. On the tenth anniversary of the Datejust in 1955, the magnifying ‘cyclops lens’ was introduced on the Datejust.OvettoneThe nickname ‘Ovettone’ means ‘big egg’ in Italian. This nickname refers to a couple of early Datejust references with a protruded ‘bubble back’ that was meant to house the newly introduced date wheel on the movement. Collectors love these early Datejusts because they are truly special pieces within Rolex’ longest running product line.



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