Rolex Day-Date 1803 'Pink Claws'

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THIS WATCH WITH SERIAL NUMBER 742751 WAS STOLEN FROM OUR SHOP DURING A BREAK-IN ON OCTOBER 22, 2020.FOR A LIST OF ALL THE WATCHES THAT WERE STOLEN, PLEASE CLICK HERE.PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY OF THE STOLEN WATCHES. THANK YOU! Rose gold is the least-occurring material among gold Day-Dates. We love the warm tone of rose gold and this particular execution is one of the nicest we’ve ever seen.There are two reasons that pink Day-Dates are uncommon. For one, it just wasn’t a popular material among men until quite recently. Yellow gold and white gold were simply more wanted in yesteryear. Second, perhaps as a result of the first, Rolex stopped the production of rose gold watches somewhere in the 1970s and only resumed output in the late 1990s. Accordingly, (vintage) rose gold Rolexes are very rare.This ref. 1803 has all the stylings of a mid-century Rolex, with its elegant applied claw markers and stylish leaf hands. The dial has a lovely color somewhere between silver and champagne and contains some mild spotting. The 18k pink gold Oyster case and President bracelet are in remarkable condition for their age. The watch is equipped with an Italian day disc.


Rolex Day-DateIn 1956, Rolex introduced one the most iconic watches ever made: the Day-Date. The Day-Date was the first waterproof self-winding chronometer certified wristwatch with a day and date function. And to top it off, it was only available in gold or platinum! Rolex also designed a new three-link bracelet, known as the ‘President,’ to pair with this special watch. With exception of the most modern executions, the Day-Date comes exclusively in a 36mm case.Ref. 18XXA new era dawned for the Day-Date when the earliest references (65xx & 66xx) were replaced by the 18xx series in 1959, which contained the cal. 1555 and later the cal. 1556 movement.  The 18xx Day-Date was produced with a wide variety of dial colors and configurations. Characteristic for this era is the so-called ‘Pie-Pan’ dial that looks like an upside-down pie-pan (a concentric ring that slopes down from the flat centre).The last two digits of the 18xx references indicate the type of bezel or the bezel/case decoration:Ref. 1802: Domed/polished bezel Ref. 1803: Fluted bezel Ref. 1804: Diamond-set bezel (and dial) Ref. 1806: Florentine-finish bezel and case Ref. 1807: Bark bezel Ref. 1811: Engraved (Morellis or Moiré) bezel and case


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