Rolex Day-Date 18039

Diamonds are forever. Forever. Forever.

Especially, in an 18k white-gold, single-quickset Rolex Day-Date a.k.a. reference 18039. Your diamonds will have a life of eternity! In case the watch is in such a great condition as the example we have for offer, you will shine forever.

The Day-Date is well known among watch aficionados worldwide and our clientele and following base should know by now that we are absolutely hooked on this model. Fortunately, we were not the only ones as this watch has been sported and still is worn by many presidents (hence, the nickname), world leaders, athletes, artists, actors and musicians. Anyone that has success recognizes and appreciates the Day-Date. The in-mint-condition specimen we can offer you dates back to 1982. The bezel and case are in mint condition just like the President bracelet that only has some very minor stretch.

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