Rolex Day-Date 18039 'Blue Stella'

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The contradiction in this watch is what makes it so very interesting.

Lets address the star of the show first: the dial. Produced by Singer, with lacquer supplied by the company Stella SA; known for bright colours and shiny finish. In this case a remarkable baby blue. If that isn't "in your face"-enough, some diamonds are were added in the usual fashion, brilliant cuts except for the baguette's at 6 and 9. Because of this vibrant look, due to the aforementioned specs, its a watch you can spot from a mile away. But only true Rolex aficionados would be able to recognise and value this as a rare and sought-after specimen.

It remains in fair condition but has been loved tenderly. The fluted bezel lost some of its sharpness but the case is still very strong with both hallmarks and serial + ref. clearly visible. As the lacquer is prone to cracking you can see some hairlines, most notable at the 11, 1 and 5 o'clock marker. All the tritium plots are present but the one at 11 is a bit roughed up. the original hands are still installed and matches the compound and color of the plots on the dial.

The case and President bracelet are made out of 18K white gold. Usually reserved for people that wan't to go a tad more unnoticed, as opposed to the yellow gold Day-Dates. By the serial we can date this 18039 to 1982, a period where the cases where slightly beefier, adding to the strong presence it exudes. Mechanically it won't let you down either as we find workhorse caliber 3055 inside: the well-known, single quickset, movement.

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