Rolex Day-Date 1807 'Oxblood Stella'

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Rarity galore! As most know, white gold Day-Dates are more uncommon than yellow gold. Add the "Bark finish" to the mix and you have something truly rare. But wait, there is more... we are indeed talking about the Stella dial.

This dial with oxblood-coloured lacquer, supplied by Stella, is one of the most popular wristwatches amongst Day-Date collectors. The dial has a beautiful silver print with elegant graphics and bold serifs. The hourmarkers are adorned with diamonds to add some extra glamour to this -already spectacular- watch.

The condition of the bezel and case are excellent and the President bracelet with Bark-finished centrelinks displays very little wear, especially for a watch that is almost half a century old. This 1807 isn't just a very pretty and wearable watch, it is a collectible specimen and you are unlikely to find a second one in this specific configuration.


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