Rolex Day-Date 18346 'Discoball'

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When the occasion calls for a heavy hitter watch, nothing beats a diamond-set platinum Day-Date with pave dial.

Quite literally. Platinum is 34% heavier than 18K gold and that heft is immediately noticeable when picking up this watch. Besides the weight, other noticeable details on this exceptional ref. 18346 are the factory-set diamond bezel and dial. Last mentioned would stun even the most seasoned Day-Date collector. This dial is set in a circular manner, creating discoball-like look, especially when the light hits it just right. Certainly flashy but it would be a crime to call this intricately crafted artwork gaudy. The brandname and model are displayed on white gold cartouches on the dial. Furthermore it is supplied with the original and correct 'closed handset'.

To spice things up even more, we had these prototype day and date disc installed. They have red font and were made by Beyeler but were never taken into production. If that is a little too much for you, we happily put back in the black ones it was originally delivered with. (English)

This ref. 18346 dates back to 1990 and is powered by the update caliber 3155 automatic movement with a handy double-quickset function, which allows you to independently adjust the day, date, and time. The 36 mm platinum case is in great condition, with thick lugs and sharp lines. The accompanying platinum President bracelet with concealed clasp is in excellent condition as well.



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