Rolex Day-Date 18338 'Aventurine'

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What are the chances of running into an aventurine dial Day-Date in the wild? Close to zero. But there’s no need to leave it to chance. As always, Amsterdam Vintage Watches has got you covered.Aventurine, a quartz mineral, is one of the rarest precious stone dials produced by Rolex. Its name is derived from the Italian “a ventura”, meaning “by chance”. Stone dials are quite fragile and many of them have developed cracks over the years, making a flawless dial like this one uncommon.Aventurine usually occurs with a green color but the inclusion of chrome-bearing fuchsite gives the stone a deep blue sheen, as is the case on this dial. If an aventurine dial weren’t enough by itself, this particular example also features beautiful diamond hour markers in an uncommon round setting.The 36 mm 18k yellow gold case comes with its own special reference number (18338), with the first ‘3’ indicating that the case is adorned by brilliant cut diamonds in various sizes on the lugs. As the 18338 is a sub-reference of the 182xx-series Day-Dates, it houses the caliber 3155 automatic movement with a double-quickset function. This allows you to independently adjust the day, date, and time.The watch is in amazing condition and comes on an exceptionally tight 18k yellow gold President bracelet with the classic concealed Rolex clasp.


Rolex Day-DateIn 1956, Rolex introduced one the most iconic watches ever made: the Day-Date. The Day-Date was the first waterproof self-winding chronometer certified wristwatch with a day and date function. And to top it off, it was only available in gold or platinum! Rolex also designed a new three-link bracelet, known as the ‘President,’ to pair with this special watch. With exception of the most modern executions, the Day-Date comes exclusively in a 36mm case.Reference 182xxThe 182xxx series Day-Dates were introduced in 1989 and shepherded the line in the modern-era. While the previous 18xxx series Day-Date from 1978 had already introduced a single quickset function for the quick adjustment of the date as well as a sturdy sapphire crystal, the 182xx series saw the unveiling of the new caliber 3155 movement with a double quickset function. This new movement finally allowed all the functions of the watch (time, date, and day) to be adjusted quickly and conveniently through different positions of the crown.


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