Rolex Daytona 16520 'Arabic prototype'

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Strikingly rare dial on this Zenith-Daytona.

Usually, the Arabic numerals are preserved for the precious metal models in the Cosmograph line, but this exceptional dial is likely an early test configuration -by Singer- for steel examples, hence the black counters. The numerals have black enamelled inlays, complementing the strong contrasting colour of the sub-dial rings. The lowest sub-dial has the so-called "Inverted 6", where the 6 looks more like a nine. This design-error -if you will- was set straight by Rolex in the mid 90's.

The 16520 itself we have on hand, which is subordinate to the dial, remains in good condition with the original Oyster bracelet and clean bezel. It has a low W-serial and thus dates back to 1994.

These prototype-specimens are always great discussion pieces and historically interesting to study. Please do bear in mind they were never intended for commercial use and possibly found their way into the watch at a later stage. The mystique that is Rolex is beautifully captivated in this collectible Daytona.


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