Rolex Daytona 16520 'Floater'

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1988 was the year that Rolex stirred things up when it comes to the Daytona line. The introduction of the second-generation Daytona, with an automatic Zenith movement, heralded a new era for this model.

It all began with references 16520 (stainless steel), 16523 (stainless steel and 18k yellow gold) and 16528 (18k yellow gold). The 165XX had a Zenith-based automatic movement instead of a manual-winding movement, a sapphire crystal instead of a plexi crystal and a 40 mm case with crown guards instead of a 37 mm case.

We are happy to present you a very early and special 16520. The earliest 16520s are called 'Floaters'. Characteristic of these highly collectible early five-digit Daytonas is the floating ‘Cosmograph’ text, which appears to be printed separately from the preceding four lines of text on the dial. This peculiar detail only occurs on Daytonas carrying R-serial or L-serial numbers, which were only produced from 1988 until early 1990. Furthermore, the watch has an R-serial number, which is the very first series of the Zenith Daytona and very rare as it was only produced from 1988 to early 1989.

Finally, this specimen has the correct MK I bezel. This is the first execution which was graduated from 50 to 200 and has the 'Units per hour' text at the three-hour position. It also comes on the correct 78360 Oyster bracelet, which has the brushed finish and 503 end links.

The watch comes as a very full set, it includes the inner and outer box, papers, booklets, Rolex service papers and serial tag. Additionally it has auction provenance but most importantly it is preserved in impeccable condition with the green casebook sticker still present. Collectors pay attention.



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