Rolex Daytona 6241 ‘JPS Paul Newman 14K’

“I never thought we would ever have such a coveted and rare watch, unbelievable!” – was the first thing Jasper said when he finally saw it in real life; after one of our colleagues arrived from abroad, having just picked up this extremely rare Daytona.

No need in telling you how sought-after and wanted vintage Daytona’s are. These Valjoux powered chrono’s have been the star of many auctions the past couple of years, but one model in particular stood out; reaching close to a million euro in a recent auction: the “6241 PN JPS 14k.” Let’s break down these abbreviations and find out how truly rare this watch is.

Starting with ‘6241; a chronograph that was produced for a mere 3 years, between 1966 and 1969, the example we have being one of the later ones. The configuration of this Daytona is the following: Pump Pushers and acrylic bezel. Many vintage watch lovers perceive the 6241 as the most attractive Cosmograph that ever saw light. Scholars estimate a total production of only 3000 pieces of this reference. Some made in steel, some made in 18K yellow gold, but very few in the 14K alloy! Believed to be made for the American market to avoid higher import taxes.

Although the 6241 knows small production numbers, it does come in many varieties. The elusive “Paul Newman” dial being the most collectable. This lay-out was officially called “Exotic” and featured a lowered minute track, square markers and art-deco details in the sub-dials. Depending on the colour combination one can determine the true rarity and value. On top of the list is the black dial with champagne counters and outer minute track, also called the “John Player special”. Named after the cigarette brand with the same colourway that sponsored Lotus in the formula one.

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