Rolex Precision 4561


1946 was the year in which this Rolex Precision reference 4561 was bought by a very stylish gentleman.

One thing that absolutely stands out are the beautifully, elegantly shaped lugs. The stainless steel case just measures 33 mm and you might think that’s too small but nothing could be further from the truth. This watch surely maintains presence on the wrist and only a real gentleman, without the urge to overcompensate, can appreciate this horological piece of art. The fine details on the dial are finger-licking good: the small claw markers, applied Arabic quarters and the leaf hands all make this Rolex the perfect dresser! Rolex watches with Oystercases have the numbers engraved between the lugs but non-Oystercase Rolex watches (like this one) have it very thinly engraved on the caseback. The reference number, serial number and Rolex crown are still clearly visible, thus indicating that the case has never been polished. As if that were not enough: the elegantly-shaped Bombay lugs are super sharp and the watch still has its original Mushroom crown.


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