Rolex GMT-Master 1675 ‘PCG Gilt Chapter Ring Dial’

A very, very, very early GMT-Master!

A wonderful, and very early, Pepsi dating back to ’59. In this year, Rolex started with the production of the reference 1675, which replaced the well-known 6542. As this 1675 originates from one of the first batches of this reference, it still has the so called eagle beak pointed crown guards; the first type of pointed crown guards, recognized by their sharp shape. Additionally, the watch comes with the riveted Oyster bracelet, which dates back to 1959.

What we love about this watch is the beautiful gilt chapter ring that, together with the gilt text, creates such a beautiful contrast with the glossy dial. Moreover the dial, we think you should know it has a small blemish between the 6 and 7 hour position. However, it has such a fantastic mirror shine. Together with the extra hour hand, with the small triangle, it makes this specimen a true stunner.

The stainless steel bezel has a nice, fat-font, well-faded (almost orange) Pepsi inlay with the red back inlay, which indicates that this piece has a factory-delivered bezel inlay. This is quite unique as most GMT’s have service bezels (a blue back inlay). A fun fact about this example: it is presented in the old Mondani book about the Rolex GMT-Master.

A very, very, very nice GMT-Master!

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