Rolex Submariner 1680

Let’s dive deeper into this beauitful 1680!

The 1680 was introduced in 1969. It was the first submariner with a date function displayed at the 3-hour position. You might think right now: “Why would Rolex put a datefunction on a diving watch?” Well, because it rapidly became more than just a diving watch. During the sixties, the Submariner was so popular amongst everyone that Rolex adjusted the model based on the demands for everyday use. Nowadays, this watch is such a classic and therfore, it has been on the wirsts of many cult figures. This stainless steel specimen is very handsome as the tritium plots have aged so beautifully into a creamy colour and they match perfectly with the handset. Moreover, the bezel is still in great condition and has barely lost its colour. The watch has the nice case size of 40mm, which is the perfect size for a sportive, yet formal watch. It comes with a solid oyster bracelet that is in mint condition. This is a very early example as it belongs to the first batch of Submariners with a white text, which Rolex introduced in 1975.

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