Rolex Submariner 5513 ‘Meters First Dial’

The 5513 was introduced in the early ’60s. In 1966, the matte ‘Meters First Dials’ replaced the gilt, glossy ‘Meters First’. It refers to the meters (200m) depth rating being displayed before the feet (660ft) depth rating on the dial. This subtle difference is rare and interesting for collectors.

The 5513 Amsterdam Vintage Watches has for offer dates back to ’68. In that year the production of this type of dials was in full swing. Around 1969, however, ‘Feet First Dials’ also appeared on the market to increase sales in USA. In 1970, Rolex exclusively produced ‘Feet First’ versions.

The 5513 we have for offer is in pristine condition! The stainless steel case houses the caliber 1520. The tritium index and its matching hands have an off-white colour, which matches perfectly with the matte, grainy dial. This Submariner comes on its original riveted Oyster bracelet. A feature, we think is very cool, is this example’s domed, thick plexi crystal.

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