Rolex Submariner 5513 Maxi MK IV full set

Just stop, wait a minute.. Take some time to read the description of this superb Submariner 5513 wit a Maxi MK IV dial from around 1982. Not only is the watch completely original, the watch was sold by Schaap & Citroen Amsterdam on the 11th of November 1982. We bought this watch from the first owner who even presented the original invoice. This you don’t see every day.. Next, the Sub has the original (guarantee) papers, tag, ancre, box, calendar, just everything. To top it of, the watch even has the original Oysterbracelet, reference 93150 (580 endlinks) dated 1982 (G). This watch is a collector’s dream, but, the best thing:  you can just wear and enjoy it.

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