Cartier Tank Paris ‘Jumbo’


Awesome and rare Jumbo-sized Tank Paris from the good old years. This piece from the early 70's is equipped with an automatic movement, hence the cool bubble on the back, and is near mint condition. Loving these blued hands on the clear dial with its characteristic Roman numerals.

Cartier Tank

It was a tribute to the Allied troops and their tanks. Hence the name and the form, started in 1917 but made public in 1919 once the peace had returned. Tank watches are easily recognizable with their crossbars, sidepieces and their rectangular or square form. It belongs among the most important watches in watch history and is one of the pillars of Cartier. Just to name a few Tank watch wearers: Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, Yves Saint Laurent, Frank Sinatra and Calvin Klein.

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