Cartier Tank Paris 'Jumbo'

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Inspired by the French Renault tanks in World War I, Louis Cartier designed the world-famous Cartier Tank. Presented in 1917 as a gift to General Pershing and worn by French soldiers before the watch was introduced to the market in 1919. Cartier got the assignment to make the Tank watches for the French army. After soldiers returned from the battlefront they were allowed to take their watches home and after that the Cartier Tank was quickly seen as a symbol of courage. Cartier reacted in a smart and clever way; they brought the Tank to the market, so men, who didn’t went to the front, could pretend to be a hero and impress the ladies as well. Enough with all the stories for now. This not only tough-looking but especially elegant men’s watch is made by Cartier back in 1977 and named ‘Tank’ as you’ll know by now. The case, with a size of 28 by 32 millimeter is made out of 18k yellow gold and is equipped with a taupe leather strap. The watch is ornamented by the beautiful and famous white ‘Paris signed’ dial, black Roman numerals, and the common seen squared railroad minute track. Of course, also this Cartier piece is finished with the characterizing blued steel minute and hour hand which makes this an absolute must-have. In our opinion this Tank is exactly how Louis Cartier once intended the watch. If you agree with us, better be quick because this classic and sought-after piece will be gone within a blink. It also comes with its Cartier service papers and Richemont guarantee for those who aren’t convinced yet.


Cartier Tank It was a tribute to the Allied troops and their tanks. Hence the name and the form, started in 1917 but made public in 1919 once the peace had returned. Tank watches are easily recognizable with their crossbars, sidepieces and their rectangular or square form. It belongs among the most important watches in watch history and is one of the pillars of Cartier. Just to name a few Tank watch wearers: Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, Yves Saint Laurent, Frank Sinatra and Calvin Klein.



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